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i see the stars

Ask me anything   my name is jacqueline and i'm a twenty-three year old from california who loves learning, writing, and fandom. i post somewhat obnoxiously and i enjoy interacting with other tumblr users. i'm already pretty meticulous in my tags, and this is not necessarily a spoiler-free blog, but if something that you endeavor to block comes up, please don't hesitate to let me know so i can add tags appropriately. the things i express in my blog are not necessarily indicative of the views of any organizations with which i have been affiliated. enjoy!

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why is there not more buzz on my dash, i am so excited

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making tentative plans to go see ‘einstein on the beach’. i am so excited i could cry.

(i might end up missing a major program at work, but… i’ve been planning on this since before i applied for the job… soooo… WHOOPSIES.)

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meeting with my honors thesis adviser is officially one of the best things in the world. please remind me of this when i’m doing revisions or trying to write a sestina. but i feel so incredibly lucky and blessed to be starting this relationship. it’s like she read the notes i wrote about my expectations for this project.

i lowkey fangirl over this woman… i ought to calm down. but i’m so excited. i read her novel over the summer and it was so beautiful. and she’s in the final stages of writing her new one. and she showed her notes to me today. I CAN’T.

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TV Show Promo of the Day: Straight from Nickelodeon’s upfront to your eyeballs, it’s a brand new supertrailer for the network’s hotly anticipated Avatar sequel, which is now being called simply The Legend of Korra.

But wait, there’s more: After much back-and-forth, the official, for-real-this-time premiere date of episode 1 has been revealed: Saturday, April 14th @ 11 AM ET.


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EDIT: click click  Enjoy!

Sherlock trailer music, Story of The Ink by David Holmes.

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Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

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